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  • Aquatic Experiences

    Paddleboard in the Condado Lagoon

Champagne Floating Decks

It’s a Date! Plan a romantic picnic floating in the lagoon. Design for couples, our champagne floating deck is the most romantic experience. Choose to sip and float during sunset or tan during the day.   

Open for non-guest

Take the romantic picnic date to the next level with our Floating Decks. An exclusive two hour picnic floating in the calm waters of the Condado Lagoon. Perfect to sit back, relax with a glass of bubbles and a charcuterie box allowing you to soak up the mesmerizing views of the city and the Condado Lagoon.

Sunset Floating Deck

Romantic picnic date and a unique way to watch the susnte while floating in the calm waters of the Condado Lagoon. 

Daytime Island Picnic

Experience a day picnic while floating in the Condado Lagoon and sunbathing in our exclusive floating island.

Sip & Tan

Sip, sun and enjoy the scene! Experience an extraordinary day picnic floating and sunbathing in the Condado Lagoon.

Sunset Floating Island

Experience an extraordinary sunset picnic with a gourmet charcuterie and a bottle of bubbly floating in the Condado Lagoon.

Dinner under the Stars

You can now experience the champagne floating dinner under the stars! Go on a culinary journey as you float to the middle of the lagoon in intimate company, seated at a floating deck surrounded by the beauty of the lagoon and the magic of the city.  


Love & Bubbles
Chocho Berries + Petals
Lavish Love
Birthday Package
Bubbles, Berries and Flowers

Rooftop Massage

Elevate your stay with a soothing and revitalizing massage at the rooftop. Private cabanas in our guest only solarium with views of the Condado lagoon.


Discover Old San Juan and it’s surroundings, visit El Yunque the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, explore amazing caves, snorkel in one of the best beaches of the world in Culebra Island and much more.


Discover our natural reserve lagoon by paddle board or kayak or by kayaking at night in the most popular spot of the Condado Lagoon.

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